About Us

Highly diversified AgriEX is actively originating products from more than 10 countries and marketing to over 15 countries globally!

AgriEX is a multinational agro commodities export company, marketing grains, pulses, oil seeds, feed & woods worldwide. Together with our suppliers and buyers, we source products from producers, farmers, processors, local suppliers and market & deliver commodities physically to our buyers, importers, processors, whole-sellers, retailers all around the world. Being active at every stage of supply chain from local procurement, extensive logistics, export operations to deliver, import, storage, distribution, we maximize value for our trade partners. Uniquely placed in every continent of the globe from North America to Indian Sub-continent and from South america to Asia covering Africa, we get benefits of huge range arbitrage opportunities which help us to offer highly competitive prices to our customers with variety of products from different origins.


We have been fortunate to take part in international trade missions, promoting Canadian grain and seeing firsthand just how in demand our products are.

Black Beans

Cranberry Beans

Red Lentils

Dark Red Kidney Bean

Desi Chick Peas


Great Northern Bean

Mexican Garbanzo Peas

Kabuli Chick Peas

Laird Lentils

Light Red Kidney Bean

Marrowfat Peas

Pinto Beans

Red Split

Richela Lentils

Small Red Beans

Chana Dal

Split Green Peas

Split Yellow Peas

White Kidney Bean

Navy Beans

Yellow Peas

Durum Wheat




Yellow Flax Seeds

Canary Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Coriander Seeds

Hemp Seeds

Brown Mustard Seeds


Brown Flax Seeds

Yellow Mustard Seeds


We are "TEAM" of people who may not be equal in Qualification, Experience or Talent, But are equal in "COMMITMENT" to achieve company's goal and success… !!

So if you think you are ready to be part of this team, please apply at